About Us

Gifting and generating happiness has always been a passion of the brain and creator of MAKING WONDERFUL. She learned this from her mother at a very young age and has been in her heart ever since. It is in her nature to make meaningful gestures to express her care, gratitude and love to her closest friends and family.

From there, MAKING WONDERFUL was born and is now an extension of her ability to bring happiness and joy, so you too can bring happiness to friends and family all across the United States.

MAKING WONDERFUL seeks to support and help people express their feelings and emotions at those special and memorable events in their lives in a unique, creative and wonderful way.

We love to promote the strengthening of ties between people through gifts full of meaning and the best feelings embodied in them. We want every person who receives one of our gifts to feel loved, remembered and connected to someone... making them feel amazing, as amazing as the person sending it!